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Vantec SF6025L Stealth Fan 60mm

Unit Price: $5.00
Status: Available
Format: Retail Box
Manufacturer: Vantec

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Model SF6025L
What is Stealth Case Fan?
  • Stealth means moving, proceeding, or acting in a covert way
  • For people who do not like noise and are looking for a quieter case fan for their computers
  • Now, Vantec has the solution for you! Vantec applies Stealth Technology onto their case fan to bring users a quieter system
  • Up to 2600 RPM and the noise level as low as 20 dBA, Stealth Case Fan brings you the Power in Silence
  • Vantec Stealth case fan series is 80% quieter than standard case fan
  • Most standard case fans noise level are 26 dBA or above, and Stealth Case fan series is only 20dBA
  • Double ball bearing fan designed with speed detection
  • All retail packages come with a 3 to 4 pin adapter and 4 fan screws
  • Stealth Case Fans in 60mm, 80mm, 92mm, and 120mm four lengths fit your needs.
Features 80% Quieter Than Standard Case Fan
Double Ball Bearing Fans for Extended Life
Smart Fan with Speed Detection
Comes W/A 3 to 4 Pin Adapter & 4 Fan Screws
Lifetime Warranty
Specification Fan Size: 60x60x25 mm
Fan Speed: 2600 RPM
Air Flow: 12 CFM
Noise: 20 dBA
Bearing Type: 2 Ball Bearing
Antec 380 watt power supply

Lifetime Limited Warranty by Manufacturer
30 Days Warranty by DTT Computer only

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